Alchemists of the Blue Moon

Quête de la vie éternelle et de la résurrection

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 Laboratoire d'événements paranormaux

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MessageSujet: Laboratoire d'événements paranormaux   Dim 17 Juin - 16:32

I awoke in a daze, several hours later. I found myself in a large room, on a small bed. How convenient. And, oh goody, more weirdos. They were all dressed in white and were hiding their faces with a white... thing. All I could see was their eyes. They payed no attention to me, though. I listened quietly while they spoke, in an accent quite familiar to me...

"So, what do we do with this one?"

"An expirement."

"Oh yeah? What're we gonna do?"

"An expirement. I told you."

"Well, yeah. But what experiment?"

"You mean the one we're about to do?"

"Yes, you wanker!"

"Oh, you should've said so. We're gonna use this", he pointed at an upside down plastic bag with amber liquid in it that was dripping slowly into my arm, "to get her to think she has to kill all the people from the past what keep showing up."

"So, she does our job."

"Pretty much. Well, if it works. Hey, lookee here, she's awake!"

They all looked at me with a smile, kind of evil-like, and then left the room. Of course, I would have shouted profanities at them and cut them up with my sword, but my mouth was covered by a large tube what made noises whenever I took a breath and my limbs were strapped down. No wonder I was so uncomfortable. Suddenly I felt verrrry sleepy, and my eyelids got heavier and heavier 'til I closed them. When I opened them again, I was outside in the snow, my sword in my hand, and a voice in my head telling me to kill everything from the past.
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Laboratoire d'événements paranormaux
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