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Quête de la vie éternelle et de la résurrection

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 Fête du millénaire, aux Caraïbes

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MessageSujet: Fête du millénaire, aux Caraïbes   Ven 15 Juin - 21:48

I was surrounded by weirdos. They were all dressed differently and in the ugliest outfits I'd ever seen. What kind of place is this? There were Englishmen, Frenchmen, wizards and pirates. Well, I think they were pirates. They were just sorta walkin' around saying random things like "Ahoy there, me hearty lad!" Honestly. I grabbed one by the collar of his blouse and asked where I was. He just stared at me like the drunk lubber he was and said,

"Errr, the Carribeans... I think."

I threw him to the ground and moved on. I wasn't in the Carribeans. I was in some freak show place. Next thing i knew, some men dressed in blue grabbed me from behind.

"Unhand me, you bisuns, or i'll have your lights and liver as finger food, I will!"

Then, they said something I didn't understand in the most horrible accent.

"There's another one! Let's send her to the lab, and this time, take her weapons!"

They came upon me and I pulled out my sword. Before I could do anything, one of the poked me with something that shocked me... literally. The pain was searing, and I couldn't move afterwards. They shoved me in a horseless carriage with strange black wheels and took me to a large building. There, they knocked me out cold with another shock, and the world went black.
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Fête du millénaire, aux Caraïbes
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