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 Pirate Spanish Beach House

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MessageSujet: Pirate Spanish Beach House   Dim 10 Juin - 17:15

Ayken lifted his glass to the new year. 5 minutes left on the clock. He could almost feel the pounding of his heart as he sat in front of his laptop. If he managed this one he could live better than the queen of England herself. Some girls where in the next room waiting for him, they didn't really like him for his looks, but his money was more then enough to compensate, and he knew it all to well. One day, he'd find a good wife with whom he could raise kids. Right now he stared out the glass wall, he could see the sea right after the beach. It was a nice house in Spain and he didn't pay that much for it. he bought it on E-Bay to be honest, and he pirated the results so his bid would show as the highest, even thought it was well under the real cost of this house. He once again opened a window onto the C.I.A. web page. He didn't get enough time to go any further a pop up window came up on his screen, he wasn't supposed to get any pop ups, he had made his internet access program himself as for his media browsing system. Bill Gates had enough money as it was. So did he as a matter of fact but as any rich man he wanted more. As the clock struck midnight his banking account grew ever so higher. he was back inside the dinning room... if you could say dinning room, with the lovely misses. on his computer screen these two pages where open side by side:

C.I.A. & F.B.I. a écrit:

The F.B.I. And C.I.A. are Teaming up to capture the international Internet thief, Kingpin.
Sources point to him being Canadian, that is all the information that we can display at the moment.
If he is to be captured, Dead or Alive, This is the price the American Government has donated for his capture: 750 000 000$
Know that any false attempt to get this money will be severely punished by the American Government.

Canada Trust a écrit:

Your account now contains 280 694 986 238 458 975. 48 American $.
Do you wish to make any other operations?

[color=cyan:31f0]There'll be no white flags above my [b:31f0]door[/b:31f0]!
I shall go down with my [i:31f0]computer[/i:31f0]![/color:31f0]
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Pirate Spanish Beach House
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